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Healingbowl® stands as a global brand renowned for its exquisite singing bowls and sets sourced from Nepal. Our journey, which began in 2008, has been dedicated to researching the extraordinary qualities of sound and vibration inherent in singing bowls. Guided by the Healingbowl® banner, we have developed innovative methodology for harnessing the power of these bowls and offer training programs. At the helm of these pioneering approaches is Dr. Victor Petrovich Surikov, an accomplished anesthetist and resuscitator. 

·         Companies in the USA, Nepal, Malaysia.  
·         The trademark Healingbowl® is registered in many countries around the globe.
·         We supply singing bowls to spas and wellness centers, clinics, hotels, and other companies to create relaxation rooms and spaces.
·          Healingbowl's online platforms offer video courses in both Russian and English. All necessary documents for individuals and legal entities are included.
·         We observe confidentiality when working with prominent businessmen and managers, media influencers, and VIP clients.

Our crafted singing bowls and sets adhere to the most stringent standards, catering to SPAs, wellness centers, hotels, clinics, yoga studios, and beyond. We not only furnish spaces with essential tools but also educate proficient experts to interact effectively with clients. All training instructors hold degrees in Medicine.

Singing bowls, sets, and techniques from Healingbowl® are widely used by professionals in all fields of mental and physical health restoration.

Singing bowls, sets, and techniques from Healingbowl® offer an ideal solution for a variety of settings, including personal use at home, integration into business practices, and fostering familial connections. Engaging with singing bowls yields a cascade of positive effects on the domestic ambiance, infusing it with harmony and forging closer bonds among family members. Children delight in playful interactions with these resonant instruments, while couples find that using singing bowls enhances their relationships. This enjoyable and healthful pastime not only provides relaxation but also fortifies both physical and mental resilience.
The techniques employing Healingbowl® instruments have proven advantageous for a diverse range of individuals, including executives, managers, entrepreneurs, and those burdened with heightened workloads and responsibilities. Given their unceasing professional demands, they seek relaxation, yet often struggle to attain a state of resourcefulness without external assistance. In this regard, our company discreetly steps in to offer support, delivering expert guidance and curating personalized solutions. We expertly match singing bowls of varying diameters to specific preferences, while also crafting spaces equipped with essential tools to facilitate rejuvenation amidst busy schedules of critical meetings or during negotiations.


Our company is driven by a mission: to champion the practice of sound resonance therapy harnessing singing bowls, as per Dr. Surikov's technics, thereby fostering the well-being of both mental and physical facets of human health.

Since the inception of our journey, we've been attuned to the profound potential inherent in the sound and vibration of singing bowls as a catalyst for human wellness. Guided by this insight, we're traversing two complementary pathways: one involves the development and application of techniques, while the other entails crafting instruments that conform to the most exacting quality benchmarks.

Our commitment has led us to pioneer novel avenues of enterprise, paving the way for others to follow suit. Serving as an industry vanguard, we've become a beacon of successful advancement, offering inspiration to individuals and businesses across various global locales.


Since 2009 and up to the present day, our committed team of Healingbowl experts has undertaken regular pilgrimages to Nepal. These journeys have facilitated the establishment of profound collaborations with the foremost singing bowl artisans in Nepal. These revered craftsmen have been bestowed with the pivotal task of creating singing bowls that harmonize flawlessly with our exacting standards, encompassing aspects such as appearance, alloy composition, and physical attributes like frequency characteristics, sound duration, and wall vibrations. We have successfully initiated large-scale production of the professional Healingbowl singing bowls:   «Black Pearl», «Golden Pearl», «Silver Pearl», «Surya Pearl», and «Mustang», «Old Tibet», «Kailas» &ndash. These bowls are exceptionally high-quality and exclusive, attracting collectors and art enthusiasts. They're made in limited numbers due to their complex production process and special artistic design.

The manufacturing process of our singing bowls is meticulously supervised, with each individual instrument undergoing rigorous testing to ensure its impeccable quality.

We curate sets of Healingbowl singing bowls, guided by the methodology developed by Dr. Surikov, adhering to the system where the combination of bowls is rigorously considered based on dimensions, frequency characteristics, tones, overtones, wall thickness, weight, and many other attributes.

Healingbowl sets are embraced by people across diverse professions, integrating them into both workspaces and homes to foster relaxation, rejuvenation, spatial harmony, interior decoration, and even bolstering the immunity of family members. These sets, curated by our experts, open up a vast array of opportunities for users, encompassing therapeutic practices, massages, immersive vibroacoustic sessions, captivating concerts, and serene meditations. The efficacy of Healingbowl® sets in their application is truly unmatched.

We encourage delving into our techniques for harnessing the potential of sound and vibration from singing bowls, which promise both high-quality results and predictability in their application.

The incorporation of singing bowls into our system is grounded in the principles of medical and biological physics, complemented by psychotherapeutic and physiotherapeutic approaches. This foundation is further enriched by our wealth of collective experiences and insights drawn from a diverse clientele across different countries, professions, ages, and abilities.


The worldwide consensus highlights the beneficial impact of sound and vibration emitted by singing bowls on various bodily systems. Dr. V.P. Surikov, an anesthetist and resuscitator, has devised methodologies that consistently yield anticipated positive results. In 2013, the techniques for using singing bowls, authored by Dr. Surikov, underwent thorough international testing. Since then, these methodologies have been effectively applied in the contexts of sanatoriums, resorts, SPAs, and wellness centers.

In 2015,Dr. V.P. Surikov conducted training for RUDN students in his MVAM (Microcirculatory Vibrational-Acoustic Massage) methodology as a component of a program aimed at enhancing the qualifications of medical professionals.

The remarkable efficacy of Healingbowl's techniques piqued the interest of researchers around the world investigating the realm of sound. This allowed Dr. Surikov's presentation to be included in the program of a private International Congress. Esteemed professors hailing from Germany and Russia, renowned for their commitment to exploring and implementing cutting-edge non-pharmaceutical therapeutic approaches within the realm of sanatoriums and resorts, were also featured in this event. In collaboration with Antonina Aleksandrovna Kozyreva, a Clinical Psychologist and Healingbowl Instructor, Dr. Surikov, an anesthetist and resuscitator and creator of the Healingbowl methodology, undertook a series of researchers. This involved exploring four distinct techniques and conducting approximately 30 therapeutic-diagnostic sessions, with participants willingly partaking from the Congress. These sessions were closely supervised and facilitated by the Software-Hardware Complex 'VALEOSCAN'. This advanced system employs contemporary metrological tools to comprehensively assess the biophysical parameters of organs, tissues, and functional systems within the human body, thereby providing an insightful evaluation of individuals' immune statuses.


Throughout the course of the research, patients' metrics were recorded both prior to and following the sessions, over a period of four days. The outcomes of the techniques employing our vibroacoustic resonators exceeded all expectations, demonstrating a robust average growth of the studied parameters by 85%. The medical equipment is employed in diagnostic centers across Europe, leaving no room for doubt regarding the reliability of the examination. On the last day of the International Congress, Dr. V.P. Surikov delivered a presentation elucidating the efficacy of sound resonance therapy and unveiling the results gleaned from the patient assessments. The esteemed participants of the congress, who were actively engaged in the sessions themselves, included luminaries such as academician and professor Mashkov O.A., psychiatrist and professor Bilits K., professor Shotler V., professor and medical doctor Karbysheva N.V., and professor Anisimov B.N., among others. Their collective accolades validated the distinctive methodology introduced by Dr. Surikov.


Dr. Victor Petrovich Surikov is the founder of the worldwide brand Healingbowl and a medical anesthetist and resuscitator (BMGA Russia 1999). Drawing upon his medical expertise and pedagogical background, Dr. Victor Petrovich Surikov has crafted and structured the pioneering methodology for harnessing the potential of singing bowls in promoting wellness. The methodology developed by Dr. Surikov represent a harmonious fusion of Russian medicine with the traditional folk medicine of the Himalayan and Southeast Asian countries.

In the year 2011, Victor Petrovich acquired a thorough and publicly accessible knowledge of traditional singing bowl techniques during his time in Nepal. A seasoned medical practitioner, his pursuit of answers to the queries of his profession led him down a path of independent exploration. Across several years, he diligently delved into the works of scholars from the Western world, while concurrently seeking counsel from a cadre of Russian physicists, biologists, musicians, medical practitioners, and esteemed academicians. The culmination of Dr. Surikov's ardent research and his rich medical experience manifested in the form of unique methodology, unveiled within the comprehensive course programs ranging from 1 to 5. This method represents an elegant synthesis, ingeniously amalgamating the best facets of Western and Eastern medical paradigms.


In 2013, Victor Petrovich was invited to lead the Institute of Human Health Restoration in Moscow. Subsequently, patents for the use of singing bowl resonators for wellness purposes were obtained at the Altai Zamok Sanatorium in Belokurikha. In the same year, the 'International School of Sound Resonance Therapy' was established in Moscow, alongside the opening of both online and offline stores, setting an example for numerous followers in Russia.

In 2014, V.P. Surikov pursued further professional education in the program 'Laser and Quantum Medicine' at RUDN university. Building upon this knowledge, he developed the fundamentally new and unique methodology for using singing bowls in various illnesses called 'Vibropuncture'.

Currently, he is focused on managing existing companies and launching new Healingbowl® brand company branches in different countries around the world, along with training experts within his companies.

Since 2011 and up to the present day, he’s been dedicated to enhancing the quality of singing bowl production and exploring new markets.

Useful Information

Healingbowl® Professional

Healingbowl® is a registered trademark in many countries around the world.

Singing bowls and sets from Healingbowl® are meticulously crafted instruments designed to be utilized in various applications, including the Dr. Surikov's sound therapy technique and other related practices.

These outcomes are the culmination of decades of development in alloy composition and forging, a collaborative effort between our company and partner workshops in Nepal.

Bonus and certification training programs, both in-person and in the form of video courses hosted on our dedicated online platforms, are designed for all customers of Healingbowl® bowls and sets.

https://healingbowl.asia/en/catalog/video-courses certificates.

Educational programs are deposited and in the process of patenting.

Consultations for the selecting branded singing bowls and sets are provided only by highly skilled experts.

Individual consultations are available for business leaders, clinics, spa salons, hotels, and more, offering guidance on selecting singing bowl sets and designing relaxation spaces for employees.

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