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Acoustic set of 7 singing bowls Healingbowl® Professional Himalayan Pearl 7HH-002

3 300 USD

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Himalayan Pearl

14.5 cm


353 Hz

Himalayan Pearl

16.8 cm


261 Hz

Himalayan Pearl

14 cm


398 Hz

Himalayan Pearl

17.3 cm


301 Hz

Himalayan Pearl

13 cm


448 Hz

Himalayan Pearl

15.7 cm


330 Hz

Himalayan Pearl

17 cm


242 Hz

Product description

Listen only with headphones.

The appearance of the Himalayan Pearl singing bowls is utterly captivating. These bowls seamlessly meld together shades reminiscent of various pearl colors - white, black, and brown. This intricate design variant is the most demanding in terms of production, hence the quality of the singing bowls curated for the Healingbowl® Professional Himalayan Pearl line is of the utmost excellence. Density, uniformity, resonant volume, and a rich array of overtones are the essential characteristics of the Himalayan Pearl series. They bear no imagery, making them neutral in nature and devoid of esoteric connotations.

The sound produced by this set is remarkably harmonious, akin to a single intricate instrument. The resonance among the bowls strives for perfection. Their deep, overtone-rich sound is not only calming and tension-relieving, but also serves to harmonize emotions, fostering a positive energy environment within a space. These bowls are known to alleviate muscular tension, enhance bodily fluid dynamics, and contribute to metabolic rejuvenation.

All applications of the harmonious sound of singing bowls in the activating frequency range are possible with this set. Yoga nidra, sound therapy, psychotherapy, tea ceremonies, concerts, relaxation, spa ceremonies and other practices. It is used in meditations where deep trance state, sleep is not expected. Also, as a necessary element in professional sessions of contact massage with singing bowls.

Arrangement: F, C, G, D, A, E, B (quint).

Protect from exposure to humid, salt-laden atmosphere!

The provided photo represents a typical appearance. For the actual one, please refer to the video test.

Every bowl is meticulously crafted by hand.

Manufactured by Healingbowl in Nepal.

Learn how to apply such a set: Modules 17, 18 in the Advanced Basic Course: CLICK HERE.


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