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Acoustic set of 7 singing bowls premium "silver" LS-002

1 600 USD

in Nepal

Premium "silver"

14.7 cm


353 Hz

Premium "silver"

16.2 cm


268 Hz

Premium "silver"

12.3 cm


396 Hz

Premium "silver"

15.3 cm


296 Hz

Premium "silver"

12.8 cm


427 Hz

Premium "silver"

14 cm


337 Hz

Premium "silver"

16 cm


242 Hz

Product description

Listen only with headphones.

The special mirror coating makes these bowls look like silver bowls. In addition, the bowls have subtle artistic images: chasing and "gold". Traditionally high quality, due to more complex alloy composition (7 metals) and careful hand forging. The beautiful sound and vibration of a premium bowl.

All applications of the harmonious sound of singing bowls in the activating frequency range are possible with this set. Yoga nidra, sound therapy, psychotherapy, tea ceremonies, concerts, relaxation, spa ceremonies and other practices. It is used in meditations where deep trance state, sleep is not expected. Also, as a necessary element in professional sessions of contact massage with singing bowls.

Arrangement: F, C, G, D, A, E, B (quint).

Protect from exposure to humid, salt-laden atmosphere!

Every bowl is meticulously crafted by hand.

Manufactured by Healingbowl in Nepal.

Learn how to apply such a set: Modules 17, 18 in the Advanced Basic Course: CLICK HERE.

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