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Giant forged singing bowl Healingbowl® HB-001

8 000 USD



60 cm




55 Hz


Giant Bowl

Product description

Listen only with headphones.

The quality of the Giant Forged Singing Bowl by Healingbowl® Professional is of the utmost excellence across all parameters. Setting it apart from typical larger bowls is its unparalleled effectiveness in practice. Crafted from a complex alloy and shaped using an intricate forging technique, this bowl possesses outstanding vibrational properties and emits a powerful harmonious sound. Its potent vibration lingers and envelops anyone standing within the bowl.

Furthermore, the Healingbowl® Professional Giant Bowl Mustang features delicate artistic detailing, reflecting the meticulous effort invested in its creation. The potent vibration shatters all impediments hindering the harmonious development and proper functioning of the body's systems. In addition to its remarkable physical attributes, one should not underestimate the impact of its appearance. The primary theme adorning the bowl is the Shri Yantra, a graphic symbol embodying the unity of Energy and Consciousness.

Massage therapists employ such bowls to enhance the functional state of the legs and musculoskeletal system, as their proper application helps alleviate stagnation, swelling, and tension. Experts assert that the goal of improving the condition of blood vessels, muscles, joints, legs, and spine can be effectively achieved through the proper utilization of these bowls.

Every bowl is meticulously crafted by hand.

Manufactured by Healingbowl in Nepal.

Please note that all accessories are sold separately.

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