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Healingbowl Mustang Luxury Collector's Singing Bowl MN-053

2 000 USD

В Непале


29 cm




100 Hz



Product description

The HEALINGBOWL® Mustang Luxury collection presents a range of professional-grade singing bowls that exude unparalleled quality. Beyond their enchantingly beautiful, resonant tones and remarkable vibrational attributes, these bowls feature exquisite and lavish designs inspired by the timeless aesthetic of ancient Tibet.

The intricate forging process entails significant craftsmanship in the creation of each individual bowl. They are known for their intricate and delicate artistic engravings.

The HEALINGBOWL® Mustang Luxury set showcases an impeccable standard of hand forging, resulting in exceptional sound quality.

Each set is a truly one-of-a-kind creation, crafted only upon pre-order with an extended waiting period of up to a year.

The subdued matte finish, complemented by delicate "golden" artistic engravings, radiates an energy of opulence and grandeur. Sacred symbols embedded in the design help to cultivate an ambiance that recalls the spirit of ancient Tibet within your space.

Explore our open knowledge base: CLICK HERE. This will give you a good understanding of the different types of singing bowls.

Then, we recommend studying the Healingbowl video courses. The HEALINGBOWL BASIC COURSE contains a tremendous amount of practice. Healingbowl techniques are used by amateurs at home in the family, and by professionals at the professional level.


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