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Massage-Optimized Bowls

Characterized by a balanced weight, generous diameter, and resonating at a low frequency, our specialized massage bowls are tailored to perfection. Moreover, the wall isn't thin, which enables the sound to be preserved for a longer duration. In essence, the bowl emanates a prolonged and deep resonance, brimming with overtones. This quality is particularly conducive to meditation as well.

Low frequency singing bowl for massage


520 USD

В Непале


106 Hz

26 cm

Low-frequency singing Healingbowl for massage


650 USD

in Nepal


100 Hz

28 cm

Low-frequency singing Healingbowl for massage


670 USD

in Nepal


90 Hz

28 cm

Useful Information

Healingbowl® Professional

Healingbowl® is a registered trademark in many countries around the world.

Singing bowls and sets from Healingbowl® are meticulously crafted instruments designed to be utilized in various applications, including the Dr. Surikov's sound therapy technique and other related practices.

These outcomes are the culmination of decades of development in alloy composition and forging, a collaborative effort between our company and partner workshops in Nepal. Presently, Healingbowl® singing bowls are in the process of being registered in the Russian Federation as beneficial products.

Bonus and certification training programs, both in-person and in the form of video courses hosted on our dedicated online platforms, are designed for all customers of Healingbowl® bowls and sets.

USA (certificates and diplomas, based on the permission to conduct educational activities in Montenegro and abroad granted on June 7, 2022).

Educational programs are deposited and in the process of patenting.

Consultations for the selecting branded singing bowls and sets are provided only by highly skilled experts.

Individual consultations are available for business leaders, clinics, spa salons, hotels, and more, offering guidance on selecting singing bowl sets and designing relaxation spaces for employees.

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