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Universal set of 7 wrought iron singing bowls Healingbowl Classic 7S-278

1 900 USD

В Непале

Plain Antique

21 cm


180 Hz

Plain Antique

23.2 cm


141 Hz

Plain Antique

19.5 cm


208 Hz

Plain Antique

21.3 cm


152 Hz

Plain Antique

19.2 cm


237 Hz

Plain Antique

19.8 cm


166 Hz

Plain Antique

24 cm


123 Hz

Product description

Listen with headphones only.

A set of high quality forged singing bowls from Nepal. Selected according to the note-mathematical scheme adopted by us for composing sets. Each bowl has passed all stages of testing. The set meets all the requirements of our methods of work with a set of singing bowls.

Scope of application: massage with singing bowls, sound therapy, psychotherapy, yoga-nidra, tea ceremonies, meditation, relaxation, spa ceremonies and other practices. With such a set, a full systematic application of Healingbowl techniques - remote and contact - is possible.

The sound is exceptionally harmonious: as one whole complex instrument. There are no images on the bowls. The high quality protective surface coating provides the traditional appearance of the popular Nepalese bowls.

We recommend that you purchase at least one additional low-frequency (100 Hz and below) singing bowl and a 13 - 18 cm acoustic set.

Arrangement: F, C, G, D, A, E, B (quinta). 

As a gift, an instructional video on meditating with this set.

The photo is typical. Real appearance see on the video test.

Fully handmade.

Production: Healingbowl, Nepal.

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