Video course 3. Module 08. Individual session. Contact-acoustic method. Practice. 40 minutes k3m08

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Module 8 of Course 3. Remote acoustic massage with singing bowls.

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Contact acoustic circuits fundamentally repeat the remote circuits you have studied. Here you will see technical solutions on how you can significantly enhance the impact of the studied schemes (modules 5 - 7) if you apply them in the contact method (if there are no contraindications - module 1). How to prepare a client, how to arrange the bowls, why and how to conduct a session using the contact method.


1. Contact-acoustic circuit "Zigzag".
2. Contact-acoustic scheme "Semicircle".
3. Contact-acoustic circuit "Sound code".
4. Contact-acoustic scheme “Dissioactive”.
5. Contact-acoustic circuit "Balance".
6. Contact-acoustic circuit Completion of the “Balance” circuit.
7. Structuring of water to consolidate the healing effect.


Module 1. What is needed to apply the technique. Lectures.
Module 2. Preparation of the specialist and client for the session. Lectures.
Module 3: Session Design Strategy. Lectures.
Module 4. Beginning of an individual session. Practice.
Module 5. Individual session. First acoustic circuit. Practice.
Module 6. Individual session. Two acoustic circuits. Practice.
Module 7. Individual session. Two acoustic circuits. Practice.
Module 8. Contact diagrams in an individual session. Practice.
Module 9: Theory needed to start a group session.
Module 10. Group sessions. Theory.
Module 11. Group session. "Balance" scheme.
Module 12. Group session. Acoustic circuits. Practice.
Module 13. Practice with a small set of 7 singing bowls.
Module 14: Valuable additions to understanding practice with a set of singing bowls.

The outlines of this course allow you to learn how to perform individual and group acoustic programs, including sound meditations. This course is especially important for those who conduct individual sessions, meditations and work with groups of people.

Sound patterns are excellent for practice with children, in the family circle, as home meditation concerts, in yoga studios, in spa-wellness hotels, etc. Acoustic programs with singing bowls are an environmentally friendly, luxurious means of relieving extreme fatigue and stress, if you use high-quality sets and accessories in practice.


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