Forged singing bowl Healingbowl® Professional Black Pearl BP-081

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29 cm




112 Hz


Black Pearl

Product description

Listen only with headphones.

Healingbowl® Professional Black Pearl singing bowls undergo thorough testing to ensure they meet the stringent requirements of the professional singing bowl applications. These bowls produce a smooth, overtone-rich lingering sound. The intricate protective coating technology grants them a deep, almost ebony, yet elegantly minimalist, premium appearance. These bowls and sets prove to be a wise investment for elevating premium spaces. Strikingly, they are devoid of any imagery, preserving a neutral aesthetic that lacks esoteric connotations.

Black Pearl bowls, with diameters up to 20 cm, find their utility across a wide spectrum of acoustic practices, meditation, and sound therapy. They gently stimulate cognitive activity and foster emotional equilibrium. These bowks contribute to cultivating a favorable energy and informational ambiance within the space.

The provided photo represents a typical appearance. For the actual one, please refer to the video test.

Every bowl is meticulously crafted by hand.

Manufactured by Healingbowl in Nepal.

Please note that all accessories are sold separately.

Explore our open knowledge base: CLICK HERE. This will give you a good understanding of the different types of singing bowls.

Then, we recommend studying the Healingbowl video courses. The HEALINGBOWL BASIC COURSE contains a tremendous amount of practice. Healingbowl techniques are used by amateurs at home in the family, and by professionals at the professional level.




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