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The author of methods - Dr. Surikov Victor Petrovich.
Certificate is issued.

You will have access to the student's account to watch the video. Duration: 5 hours. Access time is not limited. Switch the site to display in another language to select a different language for the video course.

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You can select individual modules for this course.

Master the methodology of conducting individual and group sessions and courses of sessions using sets of 7 large (main) and 7 small singing bowls (additional), tinsha and bells. Impact is predominantly remote + contact. Highly efficient acoustic circuits. Ability to combine contact and remote (acoustic) techniques. An eco-friendly, luxurious way to relieve extreme fatigue and stress. Prevention and recovery.

Many people have an extremely superficial understanding of the methodology being studied here. Usually you see several bowls of some kind standing around a person or in front of a group. And you have an idea that everyone would benefit from hearing you be creative with the bowls you have.

Study a professional course to get maximum effectiveness for your health and mental health. The author of the method is an experienced doctor. The technique has been tested by time and by experts in different countries of the world.

The outlines of this course allow you to learn how to perform individual and group acoustic programs, including sound meditations. This course is especially important for those who conduct individual sessions, meditations and work with groups of people.

Sound patterns are excellent for practice with children, in the family circle, as home meditation concerts, in yoga studios, in spa-wellness hotels, etc. Acoustic programs with singing bowls are an environmentally friendly, luxurious means of relieving extreme fatigue and stress, if you use high-quality sets and accessories in practice.

The course is based on traditional methods of Eastern sound medicine and the systematic approach of Western medicine.

All course 3 schemes are aimed at restoring absolutely all systems of the body and psyche of a person of any age and physical condition.

Course 3 schemes can be used even in the office, on your own, during breaks between intense meetings and negotiations, restoring your psychophysical state and filling yourself with new strength for new achievements.


Part 1. Introduction. Indications, contraindications (lecture).
Part 2. Providing conditions for the session.
Part 3. Providing the method (tools).
Part 4. Consultation. Identifying the client’s request, making a forecast of the capabilities of the technique. Preparing the patient for the session.
Part 5. Preparation of a specialist for the session.
Part 6. Taking anamnesis.
Part 7: Patient testing.
Part 8. Simulation of a session based on the current state of the patient.
Part 9. Giant bowl - before the start of the session
Part 10. Placing the patient in the session conditions.
Part 11. Relaxing the patient using voice commands.
Part 12. Stroking with sound (harmonization of the central nervous system and muscle tone) and arranging the bowls in the “Zigzag” sequence.
Part 13. Acoustic scheme “Zigzag”
Part 14. Acoustic scheme “Semicircle”
Part 15. Acoustic scheme “Sound code”.
Part 16. Dissociative sound technique.
Part 17. Preparation for the “balancing the energy system” scheme using 4 singing bowls and tinsha.
Part 18. Acoustic diagram “balancing the energy system.”
Part 19. Acoustic scheme for the formation of a state of healthy activity
Part 20. Structuring water to consolidate the healing effect of the session.
Part 21. Scheme for self-healing practice.
Part 22. Introduction to working with groups.
Part 23. Opportunities for working in a group with an assistant.
Part 24. Possible reactions of session participants.
Part 25. Arrangement of bowls.
Part 26. General principles of using acoustic schemes when working with a group
Part 27. Purification of the energy-information field and the formation of a stable state to aggressive factors of an aggressive environment.
Part 28. Diagnostic signs of psycho-somatic stress.
Part 29. The procedure for drawing up preventive and health-improving course programs.
Part 30. Differences in performing massage in different age groups.
Part 31. Features of massage during pregnancy.


Introduction to working with a set of singing bowls from scratch
Instructions for use of the "small" acoustic set of 7 singing bowls.


In our practice, we have experience of large businessmen using course 3 schemes on sets of the highest quality level in between important negotiations for their business partners.

Course 3 is recommended for everyone who wants to maintain optimal health - both themselves and loved ones of all age categories, including children, especially during periods of increased stress. The course 3 methodology is suitable for use at home and can be easily learned by any adult.

Course 3 is valuable for health, spa, wellness specialists, massage therapists, rehabilitation therapists, physiotherapists, bathhouse attendants, fitness and yoga trainers.

Course 3 is of interest to presenters of various self-development trainings (psychologists, coaches, etc.), the techniques from this course can be easily included in a training or training program, which will add efficiency to practices, increase client loyalty and qualitatively improve results.

Course 3 will be appreciated by athletes, traumatologists, physiotherapists, rehabilitation specialists, chiropractors and osteopaths.

Course 3 focuses on sustainable, intelligent and enjoyable human interaction with the sound and vibration of Healingbowl singing bowls.


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