Forged singing bowl Healingbowl® Professional Himalayan Pearl HP-151

1 500 USD

In Nepal


28.7 cm




90 Hz

Product description

Listen only with headphones.

Healingbowl® Professional singing bowls Himalayan Pearl , with diameters ranging from 20 cm, are versatile tools for a wide array of acoustic practices, meditation, sound therapy, and tactile methods. They also excel in water structuring and produce a resonant sound with rich overtones. This deep resonance has a calming effect, alleviating mental tension and harmonizing emotions. Furthermore, these bowls contribute to creating a favorable energy-informational ambiance. They are effective in relieving muscle tension, enhancing bodily fluid properties, and promoting metabolic rejuvenation. To explore these techniques, it's recommended to master Healingbowl's tactile methodology.

The appearance of the Himalayan Pearl bowls is mesmerizing. The design of the bowl combines shades of color of several types of pearls: white, black, brown. This is the most intricate variant of design to produce, hence the selected singing bowls for this Healingbowl® line exhibit the utmost quality. Density, uniformity, voluminous sound, and the richness of overtones are all essential attributes of the Himalayan Pearl series. These bowls are devoid of imagery, rendering them neutral and free from any esoteric emphasis. The Himalayan Pearl bowls hold special appeal for beginners due to their ease of use in rotational vibrational techniques, offering a seamless introduction to this practice.

The provided photo represents a typical appearance. For the actual one, please refer to the video test.

Protect from exposure to humid, salt-laden atmosphere!

Every bowl is meticulously crafted by hand.

Manufactured by Healingbowl in Nepal.

Please note that all accessories are sold separately.

Explore our open knowledge base: CLICK HERE. This will give you a good understanding of the different types of singing bowls.

Then, we recommend studying the Healingbowl video courses. The HEALINGBOWL BASIC COURSE contains a tremendous amount of practice. Healingbowl techniques are used by amateurs at home in the family, and by professionals at the professional level.



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