Video course 1 Is Advanced. A complete guide. 13 hours. Language: english. Certificate. m1-18

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Course 1 Advanced. Massage and meditation with Healingbowl singing bowls, a complete guide. 13 hours of video. A certificate is issued.

You will have access to the student's account to watch the video. Access time is not limited. Switch the site to display in another language to select a different language for the video course.

Modules for this course are available individually.

Additionally, we recommend purchasing a MANUAL in Russian or English.

A complete guide to the use of singing bowls of different diameters (from 12 to 70 cm) and types for different age groups, including children. Of our courses, the most rich in information. The course was written in Malaysia, Indonesia, Moscow and Nepal, is the result of a lot of labor, investments, and carries a huge informational value. This course is the basis of all programs and techniques with singing bowls of Healingbowl® school. After its completion, participants are entitled to study subsequent programs.

The course includes the standard Healingbowl Course 1 + additions - working with children, working with "giant" bowls + tinsha guide + introduction to working with singing bowl sets + guide to working with a small acoustic set + several meditations + a number of useful videos that will help you navigate even better in singing bowls and techniques.


Module 1: A complete introduction to the types and purpose of singing bowls.
Module 2: Basic techniques of practicing with the singing bowl.
Module 3. Self-massage with singing bowls.
Module 4. Massage with singing bowls. Part 1.
Module 5. Massage with singing bowls. Part 2.
Module 6. Massage with singing bowls. Part 3.
Module 7. Methods of using Healingbowl® singing bowls in work with children. Part 1.
Module 8. Methods of using Healingbowl® singing bowls in work with children. Part 2.
Module 9. Methods of using Healingbowl® singing bowls in work with children. Part 3.
Module 10. Practical experience of using singing bowls.
Module 11. Singing bowls. Help with stress.
Module 12. Meditation with singing bowls.
Module 13. Tinsha (tinso, karatali), bell, incense in sessions with singing bowls.
Module 14. Giant Healingbowl® singing bowls. Part 1.
Module 15. Giant Healingbowl® singing bowls. Part 2.
Module 16. Supplements to the Course of Sound Resonance Therapy.
Module 17. Introduction to the principles of playing on sets of singing bowls.
Module 18. Methods of using a small set of singing bowls (12 - 17 cm).

This course requires a minimum set of instruments: at least 1 universal singing bowl, stick hard, gong stick (maleta), ring stand. Additionally we recommend tinso (caratalas), bell.


You will get maximum information and practical skills to approach the professional use of singing bowls:
- Learn how to choose a singing bowl and accessories - for massage, for meditation
- Learn percussion and rotational techniques
- Learn the indications and contraindications for the use of singing bowls.
- Learn how to meditate with the singing bowl and how to do massage and self-massage.
- Learn all about distress relief.
- Learn how to work with singing bowls with children - for pain, hyperactivity, attention deficit disorder.
- Learn all about the principles of working with a set of singing bowls.
- Learn about practicing with the Healingbowl® Giant Bowls

In this course we give the necessary exercises and information and, what is especially valuable, in addition it is always possible to get the necessary consultation from the leading specialists of Healingbowl® company on the formation and ordering of individual kits for practice with people and individual practice, taking into account the condition and request of a particular person.

The course is of value for specialists of health and spa wellness sphere, massage therapists, rehabilitation therapists, physiotherapists, bathers, fitness and yoga trainers.

The course is of interest to presenters of various self-development trainings (psychologists, coaches, etc.), the techniques from this course can be easily incorporated into the training program or workouts, which will add efficiency to the practices, increase client loyalty and qualitatively improve the results.

The course will benefit managers, business people, people with increased workload and responsibility. We have a wonderful experience of forming vibration-acoustic relaxation rooms with singing bowls in the homes and offices of the most demanding clients - connoisseurs of ecological psycho-physical recovery.

The course is valued by athletes, traumatologists, physiotherapists, rehabilitation therapists, chiropractors and osteopaths.

The course is aimed at ecological, competent and pleasant human interaction with the sound and vibration of singing bowls.


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