Video course 4. Module 09. DIAGRAM 8. Diseases of the nervous system. Vegetative-vascular dystonia, panic attacks, migraines. Epilepsy. k4m09

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Module 9 of Video Course 4. Vibropuncture (acupressure) using Healingbowl® singing bowls.

You will receive access to the student's account to view this module and the corresponding part of the GOIDEBOOK. Access time is not limited. Video language: RU only (translation in preparation). Guidebook: RU, EN.

The video contains instructions for working out the points and zones for this scheme.

To fully master the methodology, we recommend that you study additionally Module 1 (lecture material) and Module 2 (full sample session).


The frequency of exacerbations is reduced. Restoring sleep, restoring muscle tone. Eliminate headaches. Normalization of psycho-emotional state.

The entire course can be received as a gift (without a certificate) when purchasing a Healingbowl professional low-frequency singing bowl.


Module 1. Basics of the “Vibropuncture” method
Module 2. SCHEME 1. Activation of blood circulation and microcirculation, correction of cellular and humoral immunity systems.
Module 3. SCHEME 2. General somatic biostimulation, in order to accelerate recovery processes during periods of intense stress.
Module 4. SCHEME 3. Universal rehabilitation program.
Module 5. DIAGRAM 4. For herpetic lesions.
Module 6. DIAGRAM 5. With diffuse enlargement of the thyroid gland, not including nodular forms.
Module 7. DIAGRAM 6. Diabetes mellitus (insulin-independent form). Diseases of the endocrine system.
Module 8. DIAGRAM 7. Diseases of the nervous system, sciatica, sciatica (sciatic nerve).
Module 9. DIAGRAM 8. Diseases of the nervous system. Vegetative-vascular dystonia, panic attacks, migraines. Epilepsy.
Module 10. DIAGRAM 9. To restore visual acuity.
Module 11. DIAGRAM 10. For tinnitus and hearing loss.
Module 12. DIAGRAM 11. Cervical migraine. Headaches and eye pains due to increased blood pressure. Hypertonic disease.
Module 13. DIAGRAM 12. Coronary heart disease (CHD). Angina pectoris 1 - 2 functional class.
Module 14. DIAGRAM 13. Consequences of cerebrovascular accident. Vertebrobasilar insufficiency. Encephalopathy.
Module 15. SCHEME 14. Vegetative-vascular dystonia, panic attacks, migraines.
Module 16. DIAGRAM 15. Atherosclerosis of the vessels of the lower extremities.
Module 17. DIAGRAM 16. Venous insufficiency. Varicose veins.
Module 18. DIAGRAM 17. Rhinitis. Sinusitis.
Module 19. DIAGRAM 18. Sore throats. Laryngotracheitis.
Module 20. DIAGRAM 20. Bronchial asthma. Bronchitis. Pneumonia. Cough.
Module 21. SCHEME 21. Detox. Chronic hepatitis. Fatty degeneration. Cirrhosis of the liver.
Module 22. DIAGRAM 22. Diseases of the gallbladder and biliary tract.
Module 23. DIAGRAM 23. Diseases of the pancreas. Chronic pancreatitis.
Module 24. DIAGRAM 24. Stomach diseases. Chronic gastritis. Peptic ulcer of the stomach and duodenum.
Module 25. SCHEME 25. Chronic nonspecific colitis. Constipation.
Module 26. DIAGRAM 26. Diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Rheumatoid arthritis.
Module 27. DIAGRAM 27. Arthrosis. Osteoarthritis.
Module 28. DIAGRAM 28. Myalgia. Neuralgia.
Module 29. DIAGRAM 29. Osteochondrosis. Spondylosis.
Module 30. DIAGRAM 30. Heel spur.
Module 31. DIAGRAM 31. Diseases of the female genitourinary and reproductive system.
Module 32. DIAGRAM 32. Pyelonephritis.
Module 33. DIAGRAM 33. Prostatitis, cystitis, urethritis.
Module 34. DIAGRAM 34. Facial rejuvenation.

It is not a treatment. Use under medical supervision


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