Course 4. Vibropuncture (acupressure) with singing bowls Healingbowl®. 4.5 hours. Language RU only. Certificate. vk4

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The author of the methods is Dr. Surikov Viktor Petrovich.
The certificate is issued.

Access to the student’s personal account is provided to view the video course (in Russian, translation into English is expected). Access is not limited in time. Duration: 4.5 hours.

Additionally, we recommend purchasing a MANUAL in Russian or English.

The course provides 34 schemes for influencing traditional healing points for various diseases, and provides information on the time of exposure during one session and the number of sessions. A unique technique based on a deep understanding of the system of biologically active points and trigger zones. At least one low frequency bowl is used.

Vibropuncture with singing bowls is a concept and technique introduced by Dr. Viktor Petrovich Surikov, which is successfully used both by ordinary people to quickly help themselves and their loved ones, and by specialists with medical education in combination with other types of treatment.

The regimens of this course can be included in the complex treatment of various diseases (there are contraindications, be sure to consult with your doctor).

The schemes of this course are easy to apply even in office settings, which will be appreciated by people who lead a sedentary lifestyle and want to improve their well-being during periods of time free from business activity.

The schemes of this course can be used at home as a method of prevention and rehabilitation for various diseases.

Minimum set of tools: vibrating (special low-frequency) singing bowl, hard stick, gong stick (maleta), stand ring, bell and tinso. Contact Healingbowl specialists, they will help you choose the necessary tools.

The entrance level of education and documents for obtaining the official certificate of the Healingbowl company is a Certificate of completion of “Course 1. Sound resonance therapy with Healingbowl singing bowls.”

Course 4 is recommended for everyone who wants to maintain optimal health - both themselves and loved ones of all age categories, including children, especially during periods of increased stress. The course 4 methodology is suitable for use at home and can be easily learned by any adult.

Course 4 is valuable for health, spa, wellness specialists, massage therapists, rehabilitation therapists, physiotherapists, bathhouse attendants, fitness and yoga trainers.

Course 4 is of interest to presenters of various self-development trainings (psychologists, coaches, etc.), the techniques from this course can be easily included in a training or training program, which will add efficiency to practices, increase client loyalty and qualitatively improve results.

Course 4 will be appreciated by athletes, traumatologists, physiotherapists, rehabilitation specialists, chiropractors and osteopaths.


1. Differences from acupuncture.
2. What bowls are used.
3. History of the Vibropuncture method.
4. Vibropuncture. Contraindications.
5. General instructions for sessions and courses with Vibropuncture.
SCHEME No. 1. Activation of blood circulation and microcirculation. Improving the rheological properties of blood.
SCHEME No. 2. General somatic biostimulation.
SCHEME No. 3. Universal rehabilitation program.
SCHEME No. 4. For herpetic lesions.
SCHEME No. 5. With diffuse enlargement of the thyroid gland.
SCHEME No. 6. Diabetes mellitus (insulin-independent form). Endocrine system diseases
SCHEME No. 7. Diseases of the nervous system, sciatica, sciatica (sciatic nerve).
SCHEME No. 8. Diseases of the nervous system. Epilepsy.
SCHEME No. 9. To restore visual acuity.
SCHEME No. 10. For tinnitus and hearing loss.
SCHEME No. 11. Cervical migraine. Headaches and eye pains due to increased blood pressure. Hypertension
SCHEME No. 12. IBS. Angina pectoris 1-2 f.k.
SCHEME No. 13. Consequences of cerebrovascular accidents.
SCHEME No. 14. Vegetovascular dystonia.
SCHEME No. 15. Vascular atherosclerosis N.K.
SCHEME No. 16. Venous insufficiency. Varicose veins
SCHEME No. 17. Rhinitis. Sinusitis.
SCHEME No. 18. Sore throats. Laryngotracheitis.
SCHEME No. 19. Bronchopneumonia.
SCHEME No. 20. Bronchial asthma.
SCHEME No. 21. Chronic hepatitis. Fatty degeneration. Cirrhosis of the liver.
SCHEME No. 22. Diseases of the gallbladder and biliary tract.
SCHEME No. 23. Chronic pancreatitis.
SCHEME No. 24. Stomach diseases. Chronic gastritis. Ya.B.Zh. and 12 duodenum.
SCHEME No. 25. Chronic nonspecific colitis. Constipation.
SCHEME No. 26. Diseases of the musculoskeletal system of connective tissue. Rheumatoid arthritis.
SCHEME No. 27. Arthrosis, Osteoarthrosis.
SCHEME No. 28. Myalgia. Neuralgia.
SCHEME No. 29. Osteochondrosis. Spondylosis.
SCHEME No. 30. Heel spur.
SCHEME No. 31. Endometriosis.
SCHEME No. 32. Pyelonerritis.
SCHEME No. 33. Prostatitis, cystitis, urethitis.
SCHEME No. 34. Rejuvenation of facial skin.



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