Universal Set of 7 Singing Bowls – Healingbowl® Professional Silver Pearl 7SH-002

8 500 USD

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Silver Pearl

21.6 cm


182 Hz

Silver Pearl

23.6 cm


128 Hz

Silver Pearl

19.3 cm


206 Hz

Silver Pearl

23.5 cm


154 Hz

Silver Pearl

26 cm


118 Hz

Silver Pearl

22 cm


168 Hz

Silver Pearl

28 cm


124 Hz

Product description

Listen only with headphones.

Silver Pearl represents the "radiant," "silver" embodiment of the Healingbowl® Professional singing bowls. Silver Pearl comprises unique sets of high-tech creations specifically designed for professional practical application. The opulent Healingbowl® Professional Silver Pearl sets embody first-rate vibrations, pure resonance, the pleasure of graceful bowl shapes, and the brilliance of distinct design.

The Silver Pearl sets are sought after within the realm of massage therapists and restorative medicine experts. They boast a rare and exceptional appearance, often chosen by collectors.

Their complex and labor-intensive process of manual forging, followed by meticulous refinement, defines their exceptional quality. They are perfect for professional use, whether for group sessions or individual experiences. Applications span sound therapy, psychotherapy, massage using singing bowls, yoga nidra, tea ceremonies, meditation, spa rituals, and various relaxation practices.

Every possible application of harmonious singing bowl sound is attainable with this set: individual sessions, meditations, group work, yoga nidra, sound therapy, psychotherapy, tea ceremonies, concerts, relaxation, spa rituals, and various other practices. The set includes bowls with different diameters, wall thicknesses, and vibration frequencies, suitable for both direct methods of application ("singing bowl massage") and water structuring. We strongly recommend supplementing this set with at least one low-frequency singing bowl (100 Hz and lower) and the "small" acoustic set measuring 13 – 18 cm in diameter.

Arrangement: F, C, G, D, A, E, B (quint).

The provided photo represents a typical appearance. For the actual one, please refer to the video test.

Protect from exposure to humid, salt-laden atmosphere!

Every bowl is meticulously crafted by hand.

Manufactured by Healingbowl in Nepal.

We recommend additionally purchasing at least one low-frequency (100 Hz and below) singing bowl and an acoustic set of 13 – 18 cm.

Explore Healingbowl video courses. The HEALINGBOWL BASIC COURSE contains a tremendous amount of single bowl practice. COURSE 3 - ACOUSTICS must be studied for the correct use of such a set. Individual session and group session are studied. Healingbowl techniques are used by amateurs at home in the family, and by specialists at a professional level.




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