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Video Course 1. Sound resonance therapy with Healingbowl® singing bowls. 6.5 hours. Language EN or RU to choose. vk1

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Access to the student's personal account to watch the video course (in Russian or English, your choice) is provided. Access is not limited in terms of time. Duration: 6.5 hours.

The author of the techniques is Dr. Surikov Viktor Petrovich.
The certificate is issued.

1. Indications and contraindications
2. Introduction
Overview of the Healing Bowl
4. Recommendations for choosing a singing bowl
5. An overview of the alloy composition of the singing bowls.
6. About "ancient bowls".
7. Quinta and octave. Correspondence of notes to the chakras.
8. Accessories (sticks, gong sticks, stand rings)
9. Tinsha, bell, incense in sound therapy
10. Technique of maleta application
11. Technique of the hard stick application
12. The energetic and informational component of the bell applications
13. Self-restoration with the help of singing bowls, bell and tinso
14. Self massage with the singing bowls of the Healingbowl
15. Sitting Massage
16. Head Massage
17. Massage - element _stroking with sound
18. Massage - structuring body fluids (chest)
19. Massage- feet
20. Massage- back
21. Water structuring in the singing bowl
22. About the next courses
23. Peculiarities of working with a singing bowl with children.
24. Introduction to the practice with the giant bowl.

To master the correct actions with a single singing bowl, allowing to obtain a favorable impact on the physical and mental state of the person. Acquired skills will allow applying the sound and vibration of the singing bowl correctly and consciously in all cases when it is shown, and know the contraindications. Also, these skills will allow mastering contact and remote methods of Healingbowl® in the future.

The basics of all courses and techniques of Dr. V. Surikov's Healingbowl® school. A complete guide to the use of singing bowls of different diameters (from 15 to 70 cm) and types for different age groups, including children. An introduction to all the basic principles of the sound and vibration of the different categories of Healingbowl® singing bowls, accessories and sets.

This course is the basis for all programs and techniques with the singing bowls of the Healingbowl® School, and after completing it, participants are entitled to study subsequent programs. Course 1 does not require any special preparation from the participants, except for providing the techniques with the necessary tools.

Entrance level of education and documents in case of an official certificate - any.

This course requires a minimum set of instruments: a universal singing bowl, a stick hard, a gong stick (maleta), and a stand ring.

Our specialists will help you find the tools you need if you don't already have them.

Course 1 is recommended for everyone who wants to maintain optimum health, including themselves, their loved ones of all ages and children, especially during periods of increased stress. The technique of Course 1 is suitable for use at home and can be easily learned by any adult. Some practices are quite accessible even to children and arouse their interest (we have techniques and kits for children).

Course 1 is valuable for wellness, spa and wellness professionals, massage therapists, rehabilitation therapists, physical therapists, bath therapists, fitness and yoga coaches.

Course 1 is of interest to facilitators of various self-development trainings (psychologists, coaches, etc.), techniques from this course can easily be included in the training or coaching program, which will add effectiveness to the practices, increase customer loyalty and qualitatively improve the results.

Course 1 will benefit managers, businessmen, people with high stress and responsibility. We have an excellent experience of forming vibration and acoustic relaxation rooms with singing bowls in homes and offices of the most demanding clients - connoisseurs of ecological psycho-physical recovery. In this course we give the necessary exercises and information and, most valuable of all, in addition you can always get the necessary advice from the leading experts of Healingbowl® on the formation and ordering of individual practice kits with people and individual practice taking into account the condition and request of the particular person.

Course 1 will be appreciated by athletes, traumatologists, physical therapists, rehabilitation therapists, chiropractors and osteopaths. Subscribe to DeepL Pro to edit this document. Visit for more information.

Course 1 is aimed at ecological, competent and pleasant human interaction with the sound and vibration of singing bowls.

Participants will learn practical skills, various exercises and basics of massage and self-massage with singing bowls. For a list of topics, see under the description in Course 1.

The course is based on 20 years of medical experience of the author and is a synthesis of methods of traditional Oriental medicine and modern methods of rehabilitation of traditional Western medicine, as well as music therapy.

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