Video course modules

Video course modules

Course 4. Vibropuncture (acupressure) using Healingbowl® singing bowls. 4.5 hours. Language RU only.

Some of the Course 4 modules are available separately for review.

Pay for the entire course in full.

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The course provides 34 schemes for influencing traditional healing points for various diseases, and provides information on the time of exposure during one session and the number of sessions. A unique technique based on a deep understanding of the system of biologically active points and trigger zones. At least one low frequency bowl is used.

Vibropuncture with singing bowls is a concept and technique introduced by Dr. Viktor Petrovich Surikov, which is successfully used both by ordinary people to quickly help themselves and their loved ones, and by specialists with medical education in combination with other types of treatment.

The regimens of this course can be included in the complex treatment of various diseases (there are contraindications, be sure to consult with your doctor).

Video course 4. Module 04. SCHEME 3. Universal rehabilitation program


15 USD


Video course 4. Module 09. DIAGRAM 8. Diseases of the nervous system. Vegetative-vascular dystonia, panic attacks, migraines. Epilepsy.


10 USD


Video course 4. Module 21. SCHEME 21. Detox. Chronic hepatitis. Fatty degeneration. Cirrhosis of the liver


10 USD


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Singing bowls and sets from Healingbowl® are meticulously crafted instruments designed to be utilized in various applications, including the Dr. Surikov's sound therapy technique and other related practices.

These outcomes are the culmination of decades of development in alloy composition and forging, a collaborative effort between our company and partner workshops in Nepal.

Bonus and certification training programs, both in-person and in the form of video courses hosted on our dedicated online platforms, are designed for all customers of Healingbowl® bowls and sets. certificates.

Educational programs are deposited and in the process of patenting.

Consultations for the selecting branded singing bowls and sets are provided only by highly skilled experts.

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