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Guidebook for Course 3. Remote acoustic massage with singing bowls. EN or RU (PDF format). m3

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Language: English or Russian to choice. Available in electronic form (PDF).

This book contains a description and graphic representation of all the schemes that are taught in Course 3 ("Remote Acoustic Massage with Singing Bowls. Diagnosis, restoration and balancing of the human bioenergetic system" (available for purchase). It is also applicable as a stand-alone guide.

For owners of a set of 7 singing bowls (7 notes) with a diameter of 18 - 28 cm

Layout of singing bowls for meditation
8 acoustic layouts
7 contact acoustic patterns
5 meditation circuits

The schemes in this course allow you to learn how to perform individual and group acoustic programs, including sound meditations.

This course is especially important for those leading individual sessions, meditations, and working with groups of people.

Sound circuits are excellent in practice with children, in the family circle, as home concert meditations, in yoga studios, in spa wellness hotels, etc.

Acoustic programs with singing bowls are an environmentally friendly, luxurious means of relieving severe fatigue and stress, if you apply high quality sets and accessories in your practice.

All the schemes of Course 3 are aimed at restoring absolutely all systems of the body and psyche of a person of any age and physical condition.

You can use the Course 3 schemes even in the office, on your own, during breaks between intensive meetings and negotiations, restoring your psychophysical state and replenishing yourself with new strength for new achievements. In our practice we have experience of big businessmen applying the schemes of course 3 on the sets of the highest quality in the breaks between important negotiations for their business partners.

Absolutely all people of all social strata like the sound and visual effect of harmonious sets, especially of collection quality, and the ability to play such sets correctly and manage the sound of the bowls and the state of the listeners helps in life on many levels, especially in difficult times.

Required set of instruments: a set of 7 singing bowls (7 notes, 18 - 28 cm), stik solid 2 pieces, gong stik (maleta) 2 pieces, rings-stands, bell, tinso. In addition, we recommend a "small" acoustic set (7 notes 12 - 18 cm) and one large singing bowl of low frequency.


An anesthesiologist and intensive care physician with extensive experience. The owner of the trademark HEALINGBOWL®. In 1994, he completed his studies at the Belarusian State Medical Institute. Then, for 12 years he studied Oriental medicine in Southeast Asia. Dr. Surikov systematized and formed a new effective author's approach to the use of singing bowls for health purposes, as a harmonious union of Russian medicine with traditional folk medicine of the Himalayas and Southeast Asia.

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